A city gets old
People get old
Something doesn’t

25 Minutes Older invites the audience to board a tram, a moving time capsule that does not get old in the fast-paced city. Like travellers in time, passengers on board see scenery passing by—not through the windows, but in an enclosed compartment, turned into a camera obscura with two apertures on its sides.

Running in parallel to the moving images is a textual narrative, made up of literary fragments generously shared by renowned Hong Kong writer Liu Yichang. The text is taken from his novella Tete-beche, whose chiasmatic structure, stream of consciousness and projection of its time are echoed in other aspects of the present work. We are grateful for Mr Liu’s consent, and hope to pay tribute to the classic through this cross-disciplinary encounter. The work is part of “The 5th Large-Scale Public Media Art Exhibition: Human Vibration”, presented by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council . It is a project by Kingsley Ng.

We welcome you aboard for a free ride.
Group registration is available to schools and other organisations.
Places are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis.